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Ceph Combat Guide

26 Mar 2013

The Cephalopods, or the Ceph for short, are a race of aliens with advanced technology. Extremely hostile towards humans and possibly other races in the universe that they have already obliterated, they wage a asymmetric ground war against humanity, and you, with your Nanosuit, are the first and last line of defence we have against them.

Command has released tactics that can be employed against the many different variations of the Ceph.


Ceph Grunts

The Ceph Grunt, or the Ceph Infantry Unit, is the most common trooper that the Ceph deploy on the battlefield. Standing at roughly 6.5 feet, they are bulky and machine-like in appearance. They are slow and clumsy and are protected by strong armour.

Outside of combat, they go around in regular patrol routes. In a fight, they behave like regular troopers: they take cover and pop out to shoot back. Headshots can be used, but they are much tougher than CELL troopers, and their main weakness is the exposed flesh on their back, not the head.



Ceph Stalkers

The second most common Ceph trooper, the Ceph Shock Unit or the Stalker appears to be similar creatures to the Grunts, if not identical. However, instead of standing tall and wearing heavy armour, Stalkers move fast and strike with arm-mounted blades, quickly defeating unaware enemies.

Stalkers can be dealt with two basic ways. The first way is a simple stealth mode and avoid. Sometimes there will be way too many to deal with, so it's best to avoid conflict. The second way is to simply time your shots and use a shotgun.

Stealth kills are possible against Stalkers, but they do not stay still for too long. But, no matter which way to choose, due to its lack of armor, the Stalker can be taken down easily by any weapon.



Ceph Scorchers

Ceph Scorchers, or Ceph Incinerator Drones, appear more machine now, than man. Actually, it’s some kind of turret that is a hybrid of machine and life. The nickname comes from its rather interesting ability to shoot fire from the flamethrower-class weapon call the Incinerator.

The best tactic against Scorchers is common sense: stay away from the flames. Shooting it with small arms causes it to go into defence mode, which turns your weapons into peashooters. Your best chances to take it down quickly are to use high-damage weapons or explosives. Alternatively, you can use your Nanosuit’s hacking abilities to stop it from moving and fire away.



Ceph Pingers

Ceph Pingers are large automated tripods. It has two guns mounted under its head, useful for tearing through heroes likes you. They were deactivated at the end of Crysis 2, and they were left here to rot in New York. However, once the Alpha Ceph arrives, they are reactivated and just as effective as they were in Crysis 2.

Their EMP attacks are called "pings," and they drain the player’s suit of all energy, and they know exactly where you are even if you are cloaked, and will usually fire at you to flush you out of cover or to keep you moving.

Despite its thick armor, it can be hurt by most explosives and heavy weapons. The trick is simple, keep moving and keep up the pressure until it breaks.



Ceph Devastator Units

The mightiest of the Ceph ground forces, Devastators or Heavies are heavily armoured Ceph and have impressive firepower in the form of a rapid-firing gun and a mortar launcher. They are very resistant to all forms of damage, and dislikes moving around.

Because of their lack of mobility, Devastators are easy to deal with as long as the player has heavy weaponry at hand, as attacking them with anything weaker than the Mk.60 MOD 0 or DSG-1 is a near pointless task. Use the big guns, L-TAG, C4s and other explosives and weapons to take it down.

Keep in mind that Devastators cannot be stealth-killed, and trying to stealth kill one will have the Devastator send a mortar your way. It would be a good idea to get behind something when you try this.



Ceph Masterminds

An incredibly powerful Ceph unit, this enemy is a very difficult enemy to overcome. It looks a lot like the Devastator, except it has four crab legs.

The Mastermind is all but undefeatable in regular combat. It will constantly control Ceph drones, which are the things you should focus your fire on. Destroying them will force him to attack with a beam. Survive this, and it will call down several Ceph units to back it up. Kill these units, and he will make more Ceph drones float around from the corpses you just made. Repeat the process of surviving while killing those drones, then survive the beam of death sequence.

And, you should be fine after that. We hope.



Alpha Ceph

The Alpha Ceph is the leader of the Ceph forces on Earth. He’s the brains behind the whole thing. Without him, the Ceph invasion ends.

The Alpha Ceph appears as a giant snake/worm-like bio-mechanical creature that uses its size to its advantage. Upon encountering this, you should get behind something, and use your Visor to mark down the Alpha’s weak points, and start blasting away.

If you deal enough damage, the Alpha will bring you up for a quick-time sequence, and a couple of Grunts will try to distract you from whatever the Alpha is doing. If you have a moment, look around and you’ll see some sentry guns which you might want to hack to ease your troubles a little bit.

The Alpha Ceph will return soon, and you’ll need to repeat this process twice more. When you’ve destroyed all three weak spots, you’ll see an interesting moment of your badassery against the Ceph, and an achievement should also unlock if you’ve only completed this for the first time.


Written by Luis Guevara


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